Arkademode was born in 1984, He is well-known for his work on the electro and techno genres. on 1999 begins to mix on a several underground clubs and raves. Arkademode mixtures are influenced from the 80´s and 90´s electronic music. industrial techno, acid, EBM and punk are some examples of the component parts of his mixes. Arkademode began to be interested in creating electronic music using only analog machines, many of these still use them to create their newest tracks.
In 2007 Arkademode created his first track called "Mr Cimos" a techno track, mixing acid sounds with a powerful bass, released on a italian electronic music label, became a significant track for the start a new stage of electronic music.
After mr cimos, arkademode worked hard to launch new releases. Beatwork group label , Act72 and Code2 Records (Berlin) were some of the most significant labels which left its mark.
In 2009 arkademode has a significant change in the way of producing and mixing, under the influence of European electronic music, begins to create tracks of electro, maximal, and nu-disco.
Arkademode begins to mix in several major festivals and clubs as "Le garage klub", based in madrid.
The new era begins with his release on a German label called filigran Records, their first EP "La Aspiradora" is a success in the digital stores, it was re-released on another labels as Tretmuehle, Gastspiel Records and Budenzauber.
One of the best tracks is released in fundmental records, "Chaotic Future" is an EBM track, reminiscent of the darker futurist cult movies such as Blade Runner... with the help of Alek Stark, a legendary producer known in the electronic scene of the world.
Now Arkademode is working with Catalytic Records, a major label will be very effective his next projects.